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Peaks Island News Set to Launch

Peaks Island is about to have its own newspaper again. On behalf of the board of directors of the newly formed nonprofit Peaks Island News, I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new free, print-only newspaper that will be dedicated exclusively to coverage of our island community. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the Peaks Island Fund, beginning in early 2024, the Peaks Island News will be published initially every other month, with the goal of publishing monthly by year’s end.

Peaks Island has not had a newspaper of its own for more than a decade, leaving our community to rely on social media or word of mouth to keep up on island news. Our goal is to fill that void with thorough, objective reporting, focusing on the issues that matter most to our community.


We aim to create a true community newspaper, delivering news about our schools, businesses, local government and organizations in every issue, featuring current events, arts, history, people and island culture, all sharing space with an advertising platform to connect businesses with locals and visitors alike.


Our Board of Directors is a group with varied experience and talent, made up of long-time islanders, experienced journalists, teachers, writers and passionate community volunteers. This core group is the heart and soul of the Peaks Island News, working hard over the last several months to make this vision a reality. But we need your help to make this project successful now and for years to come.

We want to hear your stories and ideas, see your photos and illustrations, and understand better what our unique community means to each of you. We are actively seeking submissions for our inaugural issue, and encourage you to contact us about
submitting your work for consideration.

Your submissions, donations and advertising partnerships all help support this effort. As we get this venture off the ground, we’re offering discounted rates on advertising for 2024. Connect with Rhonda Berg at to find out more.

The Peaks Island News will initially be available to pick up in person at multiple local drop points, on-island and near Casco Bay Lines. We understand that there may be interest in direct mail subscriptions. This is on our roadmap, but likely not until 2025.

Huge thanks to all who have supported us to bring the spirit of community journalism back to Peaks Island. We look forward to connecting with you and reporting back to you. 


Scott Dolan

President, Board of Directors

Peaks Island News

23 10 25 SDD headshot_edited.jpg

Scott Dolan

Board President

Rhonda Berg pic.jpg

Rhonda Berg

Board Vice President

susan hanley head shot_edited.jpg

Susan Hanley

Board Treasurer

Bridget headshot.JPG

Bridget Joyce

Board Secretary

ross head shot_edited.jpg

Ross Sneyd

Board Member


Stacey Kors

Board Member

Advertising Rates

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Regular 2024 Rate
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